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Level 2 Home Survey in Middlewich


Contact us to obtain a fee quotation for a Level 2 Home Survey / Homebuyers report in Middlewich

Suitable for traditionally constructed properties that are in fair condition, with no substantial structural alterations or extensions and are less than 80 years old.


This survey is suitable when buying a standard house, apartment, or bungalow constructed from common building materials and in reasonably good condition.

The report provides a simple and easy-to-understand rating system, using a traffic light rating system, which indicates the condition of different parts of the building, its services, and grounds. The ratings clearly show which issues require different levels of attention.

The primary focus of this service is to evaluate the overall condition of the main elements of a property. This level of service includes a thorough visual inspection of the building, its services, and grounds, but does not involve any testing. If it is safe to do so, concealed areas usually accessible or used by occupants, such as roof spaces, basements, and cellars, will be inspected. 

The report provides an unbiased description of the condition of various elements and assesses the importance of any defects or issues. For further details on the RICS Home Survey Level 2 (survey only) report, please contact us.

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